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What is Enactus

En-act-us: A community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better more sustainable world.


       Entrepreneurial: initiating business innovation with integrity and passion

       Action: the experience of social impact that sparks social enterprise

       Us: student, academic business leaders collaborating to create a better world

Enactus is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring students to improve the world through entrepreneurial action. Students create community development projects that put people’s own ingenuity and talents at the center of improving their livelihoods. They take the kind of entrepreneurial approach that empowers people to be a part of their own success. The work done transforms both the lives of the people served and in turn, the lives of the students as they develop into more effective, values-driven leaders.

from Enactus World


John Brown University (JBU)

John Brown University is a leading private Christian university, training students to honor God and serve others since 1919. Arkansas’ top-ranked regional university (U.S. News Best Colleges, 2017), JBU enrolls more than 2,700 students from 40 states and 37 countries in its traditional undergraduate, graduate, degree completion and concurrent education programs. JBU offers more than 39 majors, with top programs including business administration, graphic design, engineering, construction management, counseling, teacher education and nursing.

Learn more at JBU.EDU

Enactus JBU

At Enactus JBU, our vision is: Changing lives around the world through education and service that equips people, builds communities, and inspires hearts. JBU’s Enactus team consists of 64 JBU students from 22 states and nine countries.  Our chapter is currently pursuing 9 Projects from local business to around the world, inspiring the hearts and minds of business owners, one day at a time.

from Enactus JBU

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