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Providing quality living situations for international refugees

Carpenter Project



The Carpenter Project partners with individuals, families, universities, churches, and businesses to build safe, sustainable homes for families in need. Since 2014, we have built homes in South and Central America and Africa and invested in their local economies by hiring local labor and purchasing local materials. The Carpenter Project and our partners do more than build homes - we build life and hope for those in desperate need. 

The Project
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The Project

There are many ways to partner with The Carpenter Project - from individual giving, group sponsors, and building or renovating your own home. We work with church small groups, realtors, social clubs, and universities to provide homes in developing countries. Currently our focus is in Uganda at the

Kyaka II refugee camp. 


Today 1 in 6 refugees in Uganda live without a safe, adequate home. 

This means the most vulnerable refugees - orphaned children, single mothers, the elderly, and the disabled - are living in unsafe and unsustainable housing after fleeing their war-torn home countries. We work with the Ugandan government and NGOs like the U.N. Human Rights Council to provide sustainable and safe homes for refugees seeking safety and shelter. Each home is $3,500 to build - less than 2% of the average home cost in the U.S. ​ 


Completed Projects

Let's build life together.

Follow the steps below to make your donation

Step 1:

Click the button below to donate to a family in need

You will be rerouted through Pure Charity. 100% of proceeds go to the home build.

Step 2:

Choose to support a specific family or make a one-time donation

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Future Projects

Our goal is to build 12 homes by the end of 2020! Each home is $3,500 to build -

this $42,000 goal is bold, but it is attainable and it is impactful. Twelve families

will have a safe home, built with sustainable, local materials - and built by skilled refugees seeking work while displaced. Located in the Kyaka II refugee camp,

these well-built homes serve as a sanctuary and starting place for refugees throughout generations. Through our work building in Kyaka II in 2019, we've

seen providing safety and restoring dignity is more than a shelter - this home

is the starting point to rebuild their lives, start businesses, feed their families,

send their children to school, and emerge as leaders in the community. Every penny raised will build a home offering safety and hope during war and distress. With our partners we have already raised the funds for six of the 12 homes in 2020.

Our partners often approach us with a location and partner organization through their experiences, and we have built homes for families in need in these areas.

Have an experience or idea? Let us know! We'd love to explore how we can work together.

Future Projects
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